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David will always advocate for you as his client. You may even become good friends? To get the job done, he will roll up his sleeves to wash a window, sweep or help carry in furniture or a slab countertop. He has shown he’s not above any task at hand and takes pride in his vision and will stand behind the quality of the work. He’s very talented and that has shown in the final product of all his body of work!

Michael & Lisa R.

As I reflect on the last few years, I wanted to extend my gratitude to you for your talent and expertise. Having 2 large projects to complete from the initial architectural phase to a well appointed home, this could not have occurred without you. I can’t imagine tackling these projects without your talent and guidance. I truly have never met a person that is not only creative, but physically present in all forms. You intellectually space plan, create beautiful mood boards, listen well to me and all people around you AND tackle projects head on with deliveries via personal vehicles and your own actual strong body and mind. You have perseverance in everything you do! I thank you for creating a beautiful life for my family and me. I wish you well in your future endeavors and hope that we can stay in touch to share our home with you .

Teresa P.

I have so valued David’s patient, personalized and professional service. From space-planning to accessorizing, fabric selections to final installation, no detail was left unaddressed. His knowledge of Interior Design and association in the industry gave me the style and comfort I wanted for my home. As we embark on my new beach-front home, I look forward to the collaborative undertaking ahead. I know the end result will be amazing.

Chris K.

There is no way for us to express our thanks in putting the “dream” into our new home. As first time remodelers, we felt completely helpless, but he comfortably led us along. We were very impressed not only with his knowledge of construction techniques, so we did not end up with difficult-to-implement concepts, but with easily completed, and therefore, affordable plans. Is it any wonder that, with your guidance, we won SDHG Home of the Year? Every room in our home bears your imagination and inspiration. This award is as much yours as it is ours.

Brian & Jora V.